Plan Vuelta a la Patria continues with almost 16,000 returnees so far

In order to guarantee the well-being of all Venezuelans who continue to be vulnerable and insecure in different countries of the region, the Vuelta a la Patria Plan continues with 15,656 returnees and more than 50 thousand registered.

On this new opportunity, a total of 100 nationals were added on the thirty-fourth flight provided by the Conviasa State airline, from the Republic of Peru.

So far, 64% of Venezuelans continue to identify as the first cause of return the different economic problems: high rental costs and the difficulty of finding a decent job with salaries according to the number of hours worked.

In the same order of ideas, 54% specified as additional reason for return, the constant harassment in the host country, denouncing strong episodes of xenophobia, labor exploitation and social abuse.

On the other hand, 21% also reported being suffering from strong health problems generated by the hard work dynamics, applied because they are foreigners. It is important to note that Venezuelans who do not obtain formal employment are totally unprotected before the Peruvian health system which is private.

The Plan Vuelta a la Patria, unique in the world, contemplates a broad logistical, diplomatic and economic effort by the Bolivarian Government and is completely free.

Conditions or requirements to qualify for the Plan Vuelta a la Patria

There is no precondition or special requirement, except being Venezuelan. Health cases, pregnant women, children and older adults are prioritized.

To apply in the Plan Vuelta a la Patria, it is necessary to go to the corresponding Embassies or Consulates and formalize the registration with updated and truthful information on the situation in which the national is.

Subsequently, the check-up meetings convened by the diplomatic missions must be attended.

Once in Venezuelan territory, the mission system will monitor the person or family group, to facilitate their effective and rapid reintegration into society.

The transfers of the Plan Vuelta a la Patria have been carried out by air and land bridges, from Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile, Panama and Uruguay.

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