Vice-president Ricardo Menéndez exposes to Alicia Bárcena the consequences of the criminal blockade

The sector Vice-president of Planning, Ricardo Menéndez, informed on Thursday through his account on the social network Twitter @rmenendezp about the meeting he held with the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United Nations Organization (ECLAC – UNU), Alicia Bárcena, within the framework of the Sixteenth Conference of Ministers and Chiefs of Planning of Latin America and the Caribbean, of the ECLAC that takes place from August 28 to 30 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

“Productive working day with Alicia Bárcena, executive secretary of ECLAC. Contribution to scientific and rigorous work. To the Statistical and Geographical System defined in the Plan de la Patria, national census. Sovereign Development Principle of cooperation and non-interference”. said Menéndez.

During the meeting, the Vice-president of Planning presented the consequences of the economic blockade, and also referred to the proposal for the development of the Bolivarian model. At the same time, he indicated the importance of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda in the economic subregions established in the Plan de la Patria, and the importance of science and technology for productive sovereignty.

The Vice-president of Planning said that the Carnet de la Patria and the Local Supply and Production Committee (CLAP), are located within the new paradigm of money transfers established by the Revolutionary Government and are part of the protection measures for the Venezuelan people, to address the illegal blockade applied by the Donald Trump administration.

“The Carnet de la Patria and the Clap, within the framework of new paradigms of money transfer systems for the protection of the people. The Plan de la Patria Comunal and People Planner as an unpublished participatory and leading exercise of territorialized government”, detailed Menéndez.


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