Protection Collective of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington witnesses the Venezuelan People’s Power

This Friday, in the framework of the activities carried out at the XXV Forum of Sao Paulo in Caracas, Venezuela, the Collective of Protection of the Embassy of Venezuela in Washington, toured the experience of the 2021 Honeycomb Community, in the January 23 parish.

The Collective witnessed the great advances of the Popular Power that has been obtained in the communal organization, and in this case in the “Honeycomb 2021”. The meeting began in the communal bakery followed by a sample of murals of the commune, the sports field, experiences of construction of houses by self-management, the planning room of the commune, and a visit to the communal radio station Radio Arsenal.

Similarly, the group also attended the Computer Room of the “Frente Pedagogo” commune, the textile factory and Banco de la Comuna, where they were able to exchange experiences.

Additionally, the group enjoyed an artistic presentation of traditional dances, folk music and Venezuelan songs performed by the Music School of the commune.

Finally, the North American group held a meeting with the Alexis Vive Patriotic Forces Collective, from the January 23 parish.

The Collective of Protection of the Embassy of Venezuela in Washington is an organization made up of US citizens who remained inside the former diplomatic headquarters with authorization of the Venezuelan State to protect their spaces against threats of illegal taking by the White House.

Colectivo de Protección de la Embajada de Venezuela en Washington es testigo del Poder Popular venezolano


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