Adam Chavez: The Sao Paulo Forum must design a plan to continue consolidating unity in the continent

This Thursday, the ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Cuba, Adán Chávez, said that the Sao Paulo Forum should focus on designing a plan to continue consolidating unity in the continent and the self-determination of the peoples and their right to live in peace.

“We must get out of here with a joint plan of political action to permanently, by regions, in our America, in different spaces, continue to show that we, leftist, progressive political parties, are working and consolidating unity in our America, to show, through concrete activities, that we work for the self-determination of peoples, for international law, for the right to live in peace”, said Chávez.

During the activity, the Venezuelan diplomat said that delegations will know what really happens in the country, “what are the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution despite the attacks imposed by the empire, how social missions have been maintained”.

He stressed that full support for Venezuela will be contemplated in all the debates that will take place during these three days.

In the same order of ideas, he indicated the strength and resistance of the Venezuelan people that, before the constant aggressions imposed by the United States government, represents “the backbone of the legacy of (Hugo) Chavez”.

Finally, Chavez said that “We will continue to show how it is that despite so many attacks our people continue to resist and overcome”.


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