President Maduro revalidates call for dialogue for unity and peace

“Today, July 5, day of the Homeland, day of the Republic, day of Venezuela, I call upon peace and national union to all social, political, economic and cultural sectors of Venezuela. I extend my generous hand for peace, for the union of all”, affirmed Friday the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

From the Paseo Monumental Los Próceres, the Head of State pointed out that his political system has always been based on dialogue as a basis for understanding, at the same time that he urged the various sectors to attend a permanent board for dialogue and peace, “To address any situation, look for solutions to old and new problems; unite the national capacity, the good will, the faith, to see the future with peace and national union”.

“Venezuela wants peace, it has always fought for its right to peace. Our people have the right to democracy, freedom, calm, tranquility and that is what we defend daily and that is what I ask the Bolivarian National Armed Forces: to defend the right of our people to peace, to development”, he said.

In his words, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 208th anniversary of the independence declaration, he maintained that “everything is possible with peace” and urged the national and international right to stop the constant calls for violence to the detriment of the country. “Enough of conspiracies, evil, plans to destabilize and harm Venezuela by war calls, blockades and sanctions”, he said.

In this context, the Dignitary reported that next week, more details will be known about the dialogue permanently promoted by the National Government and for which he has made more than 600 calls to the extreme right-wing.

“With good will, the political capacity for negotiation will be achieved. We all have to give a part to reach agreements and I call for dialogue because I believe and love Venezuela, and I want Venezuela to have a bright future for all, with open arms”, he said.

ANC aprueba decreto en conmemoración del 208 aniversario de la Independencia de Venezuela

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