Bolivarian government regrets Piñera’s manipulation of Ana Ostos’ health case

The People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations Jorge Arreaza, announced on Wednesday, that the Venezuelan Government granted the necessary flight permits, as it should be, for the Chilean citizen, Ana Alicia Ostos, to be transferred to the Republic of Chile, where she will continue with her medical treatment to combat the liver illness she suffers.

“We inform that the Bolivarian Government has approved the necessary permits for Mrs. Ana Alicia Ostos to be transferred to Chile. We regret the inhumane manipulation with which @sebastianpinera has sought to obtain political revenue at the expense of the health of his compatriot”, said Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza through his twitter account @jaarreaza.

Ana Alicia Ostos, 32 years old, was admitted in the Clínicas Caracas Hospital and urgently needed a liver donor, however, it is necessary to inform that the patient’s relatives did not request at any time for support from the Venezuelan State and she was not on the waiting list of the People’s Power Ministry for Health, to receive the aforementioned transplant.

In this regard and with a clear misrepresentation of the facts, the President of the Republic of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, announced that he would send an ambulance to facilitate the return of Ostos. At that time, the Chilean president took the opportunity to politicize the event, even knowing that this particular case of health was handled under totally private procedures, that is, there was no link with the Venezuelan authorities.

The Bolivarian Government reiterates that it works hard to guarantee the right to health of all those who live in the country, despite the conditions of economic blockade exacerbated by leaders of other countries, such as Sebastián Piñera.


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