Bolivarian Government guarantees human rights of Venezuelans repatriated from Peru

In a time when the violation of human rights towards Venezuelan immigrants has increased in some countries of the region, the Plan Vuelta a la Patria continues to provide protection and welfare to all nationals who return to their country to live with dignity.

With possibilities of being reinserted into their daily lives through the protection policies implemented by the Venezuelan Government to combat the harmful effects of the economic blockade imposed by the United States, on Wednesday, 90 nationals arrived in Venezuelan territory from the Republic of Peru, a total of 180 repatriated in just two days.

Men, women, elderly, children and people with health problems were part of the long list.

The urgency of those who waited for their return home could not be delayed; Assaults, mistreatment, labor shortage, low wages and lack of a roof are the main reasons for the return.

Gregorio García, a young professional, said that even if he has a temporary permit to stay, the possibilities in the Latin American country are very limited.

“It has been very complicated for us in this country, I have PTP and it has not helped me, it’s just a document to say I’m legal, but getting a job here is very difficult (…) you get work from anything else except what that you have studied for”, he emphasized.

It should be noted that the positioning of negative opinion matrices in local and international media has also promoted the xenophobic treatment of Peruvians towards Venezuelans, fostering hostile environments in jobs, schools and hostels.

In those instances, the clear cultural differences rub against each other, the smallest aspects of our culture and the Venezuelan landscapes begin to be missed.

Since last year, the Plan Vuelta a la Patria has guaranteed the return to Venezuela of 14,521 nationals from Brazil (7,055); Peru (2,921); Ecuador (2,797); Colombia (764); Dominican Republic (276); Argentina (434); Chile (272); Panama (1) and Uruguay (1).

90 connacionales retornan a Venezuela desde Perú


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