President Maduro appreciates international support after coup attempt

The constitutional president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, thanked the leaders of the world and social movements, who this April 30, provided support to the legitimate and constitutional government of Venezuela after the unsuccessful attempted coup d’état perpetrated by the ultra right sponsored by the North American government.

He called on those nations that still support the Venezuelan opposition to open their eyes “How will the governments of Europe have the gall to support a coup attempt? Is that what you want for Latin America, for the world? Is that the democracy of the 21st century in Europe? Support the coup plotters, those who take the weapons of the Republic to direct them against their own companions and against the peace of the country?” President Maduro asked himself.

He also thanked the Venezuelan people who, from an early hour, answered his call and approached the surroundings of the Government Palace to express, once again, his absolute support for the revolutionary forces.

“I have to thank the people of Venezuela because they heard my call to maintain sanity and nerves of steel, alredy at 7:00 am, thousands of people were marching to the Miraflores Palace”, he said.

After the attempted coup d’état, the head of state reported that the competent authorities are already conducting the necessary investigations to determine the responsibilities and to do justice.


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