Ex-vicesecretary of the UN denounces terrorist attack against the Venezuelan electrical system

The Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, and the People’s Power Minister for Economy and Finance, Simón Zerpa, held a meeting with the United Nations Vice-Secretary-General and Director of the United Nations (UN) Anti-Drug Program. 1997 to 2002, Giuseppe “Pino” Arlacchi.

Arlacchi denounced to the world that the terrorist attack against the Venezuelan electricity system, has the signature of Nitro Zeus, code name of a cyber attack plan against the Islamic Republic of Iran aimed to paralyze its air defense and telecommunications systems , along with a large part of its electrical network.

It should be noted that Pino Arlacchi has defended the truth of Venezuela and unmasked the plans of imperial attacks against other oil countries that have been victims of aggression aimed to appropriate their wealth.


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