Syria: the consequences of the wars of imperialism

In the framework of the war in Syria, in 2013, militants of the Al Nusra Front, supported by the US government attacked the town of Malula, one of the oldest Christian centers in the world that still retains Aramaic as a language.

The cruelty against the religious temples, left in complete ruin the historical locality, great part of the population was displaced and there were counted more than a hundred of wounded.

This Sunday, the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, explained through his Twitter account @jaarreaza, the profound consequences derived from this attack, shows the ravages caused by colonial policies and imperialism.

“In Syria we see how unjust and criminal wars really are. The sequels of destruction and pain are deep. Observe how in the town of Malula, terrorists supported by the imperialists destroyed the oldest Christian temples, today under reconstruction”, the Minister said.

The human losses of the war in Syria oscillate around half a million lives, according to the account prepared by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Of this balance, only 353,935 people have been identified, of which 106,390 are civilians, 19,811 minors and 12,513 women.

Siria: las consecuencias de las guerras del imperialismo.


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