From Lebanon Foreign Minister Arreaza participates in Assembly of solidarity with Venezuela

In order to strengthen bilateral alliances with the Lebanese Republic, the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, participated Wednesday in a Solidarity Assembly in Beirut, where various political parties and social movements agreed to express their unrestricted support for the people and the Venezuelan government.

During his speech, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister exposed the constant siege to Venezuelan sovereignty by the government of Trump. “The United States does not resist the idea of ​​an independent force in Our Latin America and attacks with force those who do not surrender or subordinate”, he explained.

The People’s Power Minister  for Foreign Relations pointed out that President Nicolás Maduro has repeatedly called on the Venezuelan opposition to initiate and sustain a process of dialogue that will allow the peaceful resolution of political conflicts in Venezuela.

“The truth is that the Venezuelan opposition has instructions to take power by force, which is why they reject the dialogue and any possibility of sitting down to politically resolve the situation created in Venezuela”, he said.

In this regard, he recalled that 25 elections have been celebrated within the framework of the Bolivarian Revolution, “the strength of our Revolution is democracy and if a new election were to be held tomorrow, we would also win them, that’s why they prefer the path of disrespect to the Constitution”.

He also denounced the reactivation of the Monroe doctrine in the 21st century, which is applied by the Donald Trump government and is aimed at violating the sovereignty not only of Venezuela but of all of Latin America.

The meeting culminated with the delivery of a manifesto in support and solidarity with the Bolivarian people and Government, for which the Venezuelan Foreign Minister expressed his gratitude “to all political parties and social movements, we value your respect for our sovereignty and international law”.


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