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International Assembly of the Peoples manifests in defense of the sovereignty of Venezuela

Representatives of movements and social and political organizations from more than 87 countries of the world, gathered in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela between February 24 and 27, 2019, and reaffirmed their defense of the sovereignty and self-determination of the South American country. “We speak in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution and of the legitimate and constitutional president, Nicolás Maduro”, highlights the manifesto adopted at the International Assembly of Peoples, a meeting that brought together more than 400 international delegates in Caracas. Next, the complete document:

Manifesto of Solidarity with Venezuela

1. Gathered in Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, between February 24 and 27, 2019, representatives of social and political movements and organizations from more than 87 countries, of the five continents, reaffirm our defense of sovereignty and the self-determination of Venezuela, we speak in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution and the legitimate and constitutional president, Nicolás Maduro. 2. For two decades, the Bolivarian Revolution has been advancing in a process of deep transformation, based on a participatory and protagonist democracy, centered on people’s interests, which has a communal organization and points towards the feminist socialism proposed by Hugo Chávez. With this perspective, it has produced changes in the horizon, which even involve the construction of a multicentric and pluripolar world, with substantive changes in the neocolonial relations that affect the region and the South. With a redistributive vision of the riches from the abundant resources that the country produces, Venezuela has obtained unprecedented results in its history by universalizing public and free education, achieving both the eradication of illiteracy and an unprecedented insertion in higher education. Similar achievements are observed in health, housing and other social rights. 3. The American imperialism, guardian of the corporate, financial, military and transnational interests that it harbors, is determined to tear down this process, to take direct control of the natural riches. To end the proposal of sovereignty and self-determination, the United States has unleashed all strategies of hybrid and permanent war, has tried all possible tactics: coups, terrorism, financial speculation, economic blockade, and induced inflation and others. 4. Since 2008 there has been a structural, multidimensional and historical crisis of capitalism, in this context the United States seek to maintain its world hegemony by all means, including warfare, which translates into aggressions, invasions and wars to seize natural wealth, take control over markets, territories and governments. In that same line, the geoeconomic dispute that has been undertaken with China and Russia threatens to lead humanity towards a total war. 5. Thus, in order to protect the free market and the freedom of corporations to plunder and exploit our peoples, in various parts of the world they are moving forward with economic pressures, such as the blockade against Venezuela, Cuba and Iran and commit aggressions of war, as in the case of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Democratic Republic of the Congo; and occupations such as Palestine. They also impose economic, psychological, and cultural wars, such as the one that has been imposed in Venezuela for several years. Paradoxically, it is the “defense of human rights and democracy” what has served as a masquerade to camouflage the most serious collective aggressions. But the people resist and have managed to stop these attempts of control as has happened in the Crimea and Syria. 6. The imposition of the rules of the game of corporate and globalized capitalism can only be sustained by eliminating the democratic possibilities and the rights of the working class, spreading chaos, destruction and death. Therefore, we reject the escalation of pressure from the United States government, such as the military action that, disguised as “humanitarian aid”, advances against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The latter is a new phase of the war to reinstate a model of political subordination, which crystallizes with the aim of overthrowing the elected president Nicolás Maduro. 7. A new moment of this interventionist plan is now expressed in the external pressures promoted by had-oc bodies, such as the so-called Lima group, which, articulated with sectors of the Venezuelan far right, seek to establish an authoritarian coup d’état and ignore the Venezuelan democratic institutions. We note with surprise that even instances such as the European Union succumb to US pressures and, contrary to international law and democracy, go so far as to recognize a self-proclaimed “president”, who was not elected by anyone. This is supported by an ideological and communicational engineering based on the dissemination of false news and fictitious scenarios, which are positioned both through corporate media and through digital networks. 8. Today Venezuela disputes its sovereignty and self-determination, which are pillars of the dignity of peoples, which seek to build a future for humanity and fairer and more egalitarian societies. For that reason, and in internationalist solidarity with the people of Venezuela and their legitimate government, presided over by Nicolás Maduro, we state:

1. The end of the economic blockade that: inflicts suffering on the people, undermines the economic-productive project and redistributive policies; and that has already cost Venezuela more than 30 billion dollars.

2. We defend sovereignty, participatory and protagonist democracy and the right of Venezuela to organize its economic project and manage its natural resources under sovereign criteria. 3. The peoples of the world want peace, we do not want more wars. Latin America and the Caribbean is a zone of peace, as acknowledged by CELAC in 2014, and thus it must be projected towards the future. Venezuela has the right to resolve any difference through dialogue and the multiple mechanisms provided by its own constitution and within the framework of public international law. 4. The peoples of the world, represented in the International Assembly of Peoples, defend the Bolivarian Revolution as a project that provides ethical and future directions for humanity.

We call on the whole world to raise their voices to build peace and stop the war!

Caracas, February 27, 2019.

International Assembly of Peoples

Asamblea Internacional de los Pueblos cierra con manifiesto en defensa de la soberanía de Venezuela