Social movements in New York: The Government of the United States does not represent the American people

As part of the visit to the US nation, made by the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Jorge Arreaza, various representatives of American social movements belonging to the Bronx and Harlem better known as El Barrio, led on Sunday afternoon, a meeting with the Venezuelan diplomat to show their concern before the constant attacks of the government of the United States and the threats of the use of the force impelled by president Donald Trump, at the time that they established concrete actions to dismantle the false news that they show about the reality of the Venezuelan people.

The meeting began with the intervention of Minister Arreaza, who gave a historical account of the attacks that Venezuela has received since the decree prompted by former President Obama in 2015 to the recent events in the Venezuelan borders. Afterwards, an extensive debate was provoked and the social fighters, among them, Latins and Americans, let their position be known with euphoria: “The United States government does not represent the American people, hopefully our government will care about its people, just as the government of President Nicolás Maduro”, said Dakota Lilly, an American, member of the Students and Youth for a New USA organization.

For her part, Lucía Solano, a Puerto Rican, representative of the movement created by Commander Hugo Chávez in 2005, Petrobronx, highlighted. “The peoples of the Americas are with Venezuela, and we are with you to defend your truth, we will not allow a war on our continent … If something should happen in Venezuela, the Venezuelan people will be able to count on the Dominican and Puerto Rican people”.

At the end, the social activists thanked the FM for his visit and expressed the correct information about what happened on February 23 at the borders of Venezuela with Colombia and Brazil, which was distorted once again to dishonor the image of a Government , that in spite of the military threat and economic blockade, fight for the peace and well-being of its People.


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