The Internationalist Brigade “Che Guevara” is formed in the heat of the struggles of the Venezuelan people

Based on the exchange of experiences and volunteer work between various social movements in the world and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Internationalist Brigade of solidarity and militant character “Che Guevara” has been formed in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution.

About 200 young militants of the world (North America, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Arab Region, Asia and Europe), who will participate in the encounter with the Venezuelan people in their daily struggles, both in the rural as well as the urban, entering into what is the construction of People’s Power and the communal way to Socialism.

Likewise, the international brigade will share activities with political actors, mainly young people, in government functions, as well as with different youth organizations with national presence, from Saturday 16 to Friday 22 February, as a prelude to the International Assembly of the Peoples, which will take place from February 24 to 27, 2019.

Taking into account that in Venezuela has attempted to consummate a coup d’etat against the constitutional government of President Nicolás Maduro, through a strategy of prolonged war of the fourth generation, an economic and financial blockade that generates shortages of food, medicines and other goods and essential products, international delegates consider among their objectives to create a platform in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, worldwide, that maintains a permanent political and communication articulation, generating tools for the efficient management of information, as well as planning and execution of specific actions, in defense of the right to self-determination of the peoples, counteracting with this, the advance of imperialist hegemony.

In the same way, they aspire to know the Venezuelan reality from the territory in order to demystify what really happens in Venezuela, thus dismantling the false informative matrices, consequence of the international media manipulation. In addition, they will seek to contribute substantially in the preparation of the brigadists, for what will be the participation of the Youth in the International Assembly of the Peoples.

What is an Internationalist Brigade?

The Brigades arise due to the need to build an internationalist identity that transcends the nations. They are organized in the 1930’s in the Soviet Union and during the Spanish Civil War.

Since then, the planetary struggles for the liberation of humanity have been marked by the presence and active work of Brigadists throughout the planet. These Brigades militate in countries where there is greater need for solidarity, voluntary work and political articulation between people’s organizations and progressive governments.

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