They reveal links of Julio Borges with coup actions and attempted assassination against President Maduro

Retired colonel Oswaldo Valentín García Palomo, who would be the main link for a new coup attempt in Venezuela, revealed links between militants of the extreme right-wing Primero Justicia party, including Julio Borges, in the ongoing coup plan, in addition to the attempted assassination perpetrated in August 2018 against the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

The information was announced by the Vice President for Communication, Tourism and Culture, Jorge Rodríguez, in statements this Thursday from the Miraflores Palace, Caracas, when he showed a video with part of the confessions of García Palomo, implicated in the terrorist actions.

García Palomo confessed that Julio Borges told him that he was willing to do everything to send away the Venezuelan government. According to the testimony of the retired colonel, for the attempted assassination and for other coups attempts, Borges recruited the former Chief of Communications of the Presidential Honor Guard, Ovidio Carrasco Mosqueda.

In this sense, Rodriguez said that Carrasco offered a brutal testimony and a submission to the polygraph, so he confessed he had a telephone contact with Borges to inform him that the Venezuelan Head of State would attend last Saturday, August 4 – the day of the drone and explosives attack – to Bolivar Avenue in Caracas, to participate in the commemoration of the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB).

Rodríguez explained that Carrasco met for the first time with Borges in the La Llovizna park, located in Bolívar state, and the right-wing militant asked him to be part of the operations to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro.

In exchange, Carrasco asked Borges to guarantee his residence in the United States and places in universities for his daughters.

“The investigations indicate that even Carrasco facilitated the process for the drones to attack the presidential platform on August 4, 2018. This traitor was recruited by Julio Borges to facilitate the assassination of President Nicolás Maduro. That is why I tell you that, sitting at the dialogue table, Borges was already involved in the attempted assassination”, said Jorge Rodriguez, also the People’s Power Minister for Communication and Information.

In this sense, he asserted that it was clearly established that it was Julio Borges the one who directed the whole attempted assassination process.

“A murderer like Borges must give up hypocrisy. Democracy nothing, humanitarian aid nothing, what is he going to say now when his own accomplices gave him away”, said Rodriguez.

Factual powers of Colombia and the United States supported terrorist actions by García Palomo

The de facto powers of Colombia and the United States supported the terrorist actions of Oswaldo Valentín García Palomo, implicated in coup d’état against the Constitutional Government of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed the Vice President for Communication, Tourism and Culture.

Rodriguez explained that García Palomo, who was captured, has given numerous statements and in view of the seriousness of his confessions, due to the security of the State, the Prosecutor’s Office approved to show to the media a part of Palomo’s voluntary confession.

In the video that was shown to the media where García Palomo appears, captured by the country’s security agencies, on January 30, the detainee said that he was in talks with the agent of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States Antonio Rivero, colonel of the National Police of Colombia nicknamed “Alejandro”.

Rodriguez indicated that this subversive group was involved in the coup attempts of 2014 and May of 2018.

“Juan Manuel Santos was involved in the military coup of 2018, which was the coup that attempted to attack the Constitution, preventing the population from voting”, said Jorge Rodríguez.


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