Foreign Minister Arreaza reiterates that Venezuela is a country of dialogue and peace in interview with HispanTV

The Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, assured this Wednesday through an interview with the Iranian television station HispanTV, through Skype that “Venezuela is calm and at peace, unlike what some media are trying to show”.

In that sense, he indicated that “there is a coup d’etat that is led by the US government and in particular by the US administration headed by Donald Trump”. In the same way he affirmed that the National Government will face the coup attempts.

In the same way, the FM considers as humorous the self-proclamation of the deputy to the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, and has stressed that it lacks legality.

Arreaza lamented that some countries have supported the US interventionist position due to pressure from Washington and insisted that Venezuela’s response to those states will be proportional, although he recalled that Venezuela’s confrontation is mainly with the United States, the main sponsor of the coup.

“We are willing to dialogue without any conditions” and within the framework of the Venezuelan Constitution, emphasized the representative of the Foreign Ministry and then denounced that the opposition supported by the United States does not want to talk

The Minister also recalled that the government of President Nicolás Maduro has repeatedly called the opposition to a dialogue. In that sense, he said that “we have opened the doors to meet wherever they want (…) Venezuela is a country of dialogue and peace”.

The Venezuelan diplomat added that “a dialogue will be the most logical and important political pulse to solve the crisis in the country”.

Situation in Venezuela

Similarly, the Minister denied that there is a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, to denounce that the Venezuelan economy has been disrupted because of the sanctions and the US blockade.

He also asserted that the alleged humanitarian aid is an “absurdity and a theater show” on the part of the United States and the enemies of Venezuela. In that sense, he recalled that in 1960 Washington announced that there was a humanitarian crisis in the Dominican Republic and took advantage of the situation to deploy 8,000 US soldiers and overthrow the democratically elected president, Juan Bosch.

Venezuela defends itself

The Head of the Diplomatic Portfolio reiterated that “Venezuela does not want war and is committed to dialogue”. He lamented that the US apparently does not like to talk with the National Government and has set itself the objective of stealing the country’s riches.

Arreaza noted that President Nicolás Maduro has taken seriously the US threat to have “all the options on the table”, indicating that the National Government has prepared for any scenario.

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces are preparing anti-imperialist military in the face of this threat, he added.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that the government presided over by Nicolás Maduro has as main task to defend the people of Venezuela, as well as the integrity and independence of the country and will not let foreign actors dictate orders to the people.

In the same way, he expressed the confidence of the Venezuelan Executive in the people and in the FANB of Venezuela. He asserted that Venezuela will succeed and will not let the interventionist attempts and the coup d’état to triumph.

He also considered Trump as the symbol of the capitalist system and said that Venezuela’s resistance and its victory over imperialism will encourage other countries to confront Donald Trump and not let their governments to be subjugated by the US.

International support to Venezuela

The Venezuelan diplomat considered the support of the allies of great importance and mentioned that in the Security Council of the United Nations, countries such as Russia, China, among others, supported the National Government against the United States and its allies.

He recalled that the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chávez, established relations of brotherhood with several countries, including Iran and Russia, and assured that Venezuela values ​​these strategic relations.


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