President Maduro: “If there is Justice, there will be Republic and peace”

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, on Thursday called on the Judicial Branch and the Citizen Power to exercise the corresponding actions to guarantee the stability and peace of the Nation.

“I have to fulfill the function as Head of State and denounce  (…) I fulfill my role and I say that justice is done in Venezuela so that there is peace, democracy, so that the rule of law, the social State of justice, is respected, the democratic state. If there is Justice there will be a Republic and there will be peace”, said the head of state from the Supreme Court of Justice.

Regarding to the beginning of the judicial year, the President pointed out that the actions of the national right, supported by imperial nations, seek to break the democratic State, with the objective of “dismembering” the Republic and propitiate a coup d’etat and intervene in Venezuela.

“A great provocation directed by the US empire is under way in Venezuela. In the world there is no doubt that it is President Donald Trump himself who wants to impose a de facto, unconstitutional government. A coup d’etat in Venezuela against the people and democracy”, Maduro emphasized.

Given this, he said that “in our hands (the Bolivarian Revolution) the Republic or the Homeland will not be lost”.


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