CNE rejects attempted coup in Venezuela

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, rejected the attempted coup in Venezuela by the country’s right-wing groups incited by the United States government.

“The Electoral Power repudiates and condemns the full ignorance of the constitutional text and the actions of the right, which intend to manage a coup d’état”, she said.

Also, Lucena said that the oppositor Juan Guaidó “has chosen to ignore the same electoral system, reason why he is a deputy of the National Assembly”.

In this sense, the main rector of the CNE called on the people to participate in defense of the country and its sovereignty while demanding respect for the decision of the people who elected Nicolás Maduro as president through the vote.

“Are the votes of the Venezuelans who decide who our governors are, it is not the foreign governments that make this decision. The Electoral Power demands respect for the Venezuelans who manifested their right to vote”, she said.


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