250 Venezuelans return with the Plan Vuelta a la Patria after suffering aggression and xenophobia in Ecuador

This Wednesday, the Bolivarian Government began a new day of mass repatriation with the Plan Vuelta a la Patria, for this operation two flights of the Conviasa airline were enabled to Quito and a third flight to Guayaquil, where the head of state, Nicolás Maduro Moros, put the presidential plane, better known as El Camastrón, at service.

So far in 2019, this is the first day of mass repatriation for the Plan Vuelta a la Patria, and it arises as a response for all those Venezuelan citizens who requested to return to their land, since they were in a vulnerable situation in Ecuadorian territory.

It should be noted that on this occasion 250 sons and daughters of the Homeland of Bolivar returned, specifically 190 nationals from Quito and 60 nationals from Guayaquil.

Also, President Maduro announced that this special operation was activated for all brothers who want to return from Ecuador, after the xenophobic attacks promoted by President Lenin Moreno.

For his part, William Márquez, spoke about his experience in Llano Chico, Ecuador, a town in which he lived these violent attacks.

“This Monday my boss told me that I had to go for my safety and his. I left and in a corner a group of Ecuadorians grabbed me by the bag, they broke it, and burned the little clothes I had there. I found refuge with other Venezuelans, but at dawn we had to run, some Ecuadorians came with sticks, machetes. With me was a companion who came with me today on this Conviasa flight, but we dispersed and I do not know anything about him. His name is Kevin Medina, he is missing”, denounced Márquez.

On the other hand, Venezuelans who return to their homeland today emphasize the tireless work of the officials in the Venezuelan Embassy in Quito and the General Consulate of Venezuela in Guayaquil. Such is the case of Israel Chaparro, who thanked Consul Fernando Bello for allowing him to travel with his entire family.

Also from Guayaquil, the Venezuelan teacher Mariela Herrera stressed that “our country needs us. In Ecuador if you want an honest job you have to get a visa of 600 dollars. I return for the education of my children, there they did not want to accept them, they are depressed they tell me every day: I want to go to school”, she said.

On balance, there are 2,000 nationals who have been repatriated from Ecuador with the Plan Vuelta a la Patria, bringing the figure to a total of 12,000 returnees.

Plan Vuelta a la patria Ecuador primer, segundo y tercer vuelo.


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