Vice-minister Castillo: Venezuela will strengthen its policy of Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace

This Monday, from the program Con Amorin transmitted by Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), the Vice-minister of International Communication of the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations, William Castillo, recalled the position of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela regarding the recent declarations issued by the President of the Republic of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno against Venezuela, after the femicide perpetrated by a Venezuelan against his partner, an Ecuadorian girl.

In this regard, the Vice-minister noted that “Venezuela rejects this type of crime wherever it occurs and demands before Venezuela and the world to punish the responsible. You can not confuse one problem with another”, this in reference to the gender violence that the world suffers and that tries to cover itself by placing the fact with a political issue.

At the same time he warned about the language of xenophobia. “We have seen the Ecuadorian brigades (…) and we see how they take the Venezuelans out of their homes, how they burn their belongings (…) it seems that President Lenin Moreno was promoting these actions to generate that hatred against the Venezuelan population, in this case to the residents in Ecuador.

“The message is to be aware among the peoples of Ecuador and Venezuela (…) the most important thing is that they do not divide us”, said Castillo.

Respect for the revival of the Plan Vuelta a la Patria due to the recent policy of aggression by the Ecuadorian government, Vice-minister Castillo said “we must approach the consulates of Guayaquil and Quito (…) raise the corresponding complaints and have patience (… ) we are already accelerating the Plan Vuelta a la Patria, we will guarantee everyone that they will return to their country”.

In reference to the group of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) that attacked the detachment in Petare on Monday morning, said that “it was a mounted operation where some operators, some political activists of the Popular Will party got infiltrated (…) took advantage of the confusion and they provoked the police”. He also mentioned that the first revelations show that those responsible left them alone, “they say there were some organizers, this was not spontaneous”.

In the face of recent protests in the country, he warned that no threat can be underestimated.

“It is very clear that no threat can be underestimated here (…) there is full right to protest the economic situation, for public services (…) that includes military personnel who are also people (…) provided that this is done in the framework of the Constitution, but not to destroy the country, or the FANB”, he said.

On the international stage, Castillo commented that Venezuela will work to rescue the institutions, strengthen Petrocaribe, Alba, Unasur (…) at some point there will be important political changes that will strengthen Unasur and strengthen the Celac against attacks.

While stressing that “what happens in the OAS is irrelevant to Venezuela, (…) Venezuela will continue with its policy of Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace, building new relationships in the pluripolar world, will continue to defend its space, which has it, as President Nicolás Maduro demonstrated in September before the United Nations, which has majority support, the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, the countries of Africa, the great majority of the countries of Asia and of this continent that make up the alliance between the Alba and Petrocaribe.

During the interview Castillo said that the position of the European Union is like the Venezuelan opposition that is in crisis. It has been shown that it is a government of an elite, where there are rich and poor, those who rule and those who obey, there is a conflict, there are countries that want to leave but there is no way out, that elite that imposes on others a kind of dictatorship that intervene in countries and economies. “They have put themselves in the tail of the United States, in the war in Iran, in the invasion of Syria and Libya and with Venezuela with sanctions and criminalization”, the Vice-minister added.

“There is a very clear conscience in the international community, in which 80% of the world’s population is grouped, that Venezuela is a legitimate government and that the president is Nicolás Maduro, so we praise that”, Castillo reiterated.

He stressed that the United Nations Organization recognizes Venezuela, its president Nicolás Maduro and his legitimate government.


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