President Nicolás Maduro exercises his right to vote to elect Municipal Councils

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, exercised his right to vote on Sunday, from the Educational Unit “Miguel Antonio Caro” located in the vicinity of Parque del Oeste Ali Primera, Caracas.

“The councilors are the power closest to the people that we must improve, empower, we must give more power to the Municipal Councils”, said the National President.

On this occasion, Venezuelans participate in the 25th elections, since the arrival of the Bolivarian Revolution in 1999, where 2459 posts will be elected corresponding to the municipal councils of the country and their respective alternates.

For this election day, 702 constituencies, 14,382 polling centers and 28,763 polling boards were established, distributed among 335 municipalities in the country. 1703 will be chosen nominally, 685 per list and 69 by indigenous communities.


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