Second flight with 80 Venezuelans from Colombia arrived on Saturday in Venezuela

A second flight arrived on Saturday in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela from Colombia to repatriate 80 Venezuelans who voluntarily decided to return to their country after making the difficult decision to emigrate to other latitudes in search of new opportunities.

The Plan Vuelta a la Patria, a State policy activated by the Bolivarian Government for the repatriation of Venezuelans, made a first flight on November 18 in which 95 nationals, who were in a situation of vulnerability in the New Granada nation, returned

Prior to these repatriations, the State institutions activated the necessary mechanisms to carry out the transfer of Venezuelans from Colombia by land, however, irregular situations occurred several times with the Colombian authorities that tried to prevent the entry of the Venezuelan citizens.

Among the reasons that drive Venezuelan compatriots to return to their homeland, is the discrimination due to their migrant status, labor exploitation and mistreatment towards females and children who are victims of xenophobia.

To date, the efforts made by the National Executive, the People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations in coordination with the embassies of Venezuela in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and other countries, have managed to return approximately 10 thousand Venezuelans

Photos: Malva Suárez.


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