Mining Engine promotes Venezuela’s potential in China’s International Import Exhibition

From this Monday, November 5, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela participates in the China’s International Imports Exposition (CIIE), to know the commercial potential of allied countries in strategic sectors such as mining.

Within this world trade fair dedicated to iron, aluminum and coal, the Venezuelan Mining Engine has stood out in the productive area.

The Vice-minister for Exploration and Investment Ecominery, Franklin Ramírez, member of the delegation of Creole, said that this exhibition seeks to promote bilateral cooperation, in order to attract foreign investment for activities of exploration and exploitation of minerals in Venezuela, and its subsequent commercialization in the People’s Republic of China.

“We are showing our productive capabilities and our national potential in minerals, such as nickel, gold, diamond, coal, granite, iron and bauxite to produce aluminum hydrate. The People’s Republic of China is strengthening its relations with allied countries, and with Venezuela it has great opportunities to invest and develop projects that generate welfare for both nations”, he said.

In this sense, Ramírez commented that the national delegation, headed by the Minister for Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Yomana Koteich, will intervene in multiple discussion forums and meetings with the other representations of the world that will congregate until November 10 at the Shanghai city.

“The CIIE is an event with an extraordinary focus on imports, which will serve as a platform to show the potential in terms of foreign trade of the different participating countries and regions. Venezuela is showing all its benefits in the areas of trade, agro-industry, food, oil, transport, gas, energy, technology and innovation and of course in mining”, he said.

Cooperation and innovation

During the opening speech of the China’s International Import Exhibition, the president of that Asian nation, Xi Jinping, invited all countries to maintain the principle of inclusion, innovation and shared benefits, in order to achieve prosperity and welfare of the people.

“Innovation is the first driving force. Only daring to innovate and to be brave in the change can we overcome the bottleneck of world economic development. The world economy has just emerged from the shadow of the international financial crisis, and the recovery trend is not yet stable. It is urgent that countries jointly promote technological innovation and new growing points”, said Jinping.

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