Foreign Minister Arreaza participates in acquisition day of Petro cryptocurrency

The FM of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, attended on Wednesday the National Superintendence of Cryptoactives (Sunacrip), to participate in the Petros acquisition day that the National Executive advances as part of the Economic Recovery, Growth and Prosperity Plan that seeks to place itself in the counter-offensive of the coercive sanctions implemented by the government of the United States and the European Union against the Caribbean nation.

From the headquarters of the Sunacrip, in Caracas, the Foreign Minister pointed out that this initiative to create a currency backed by natural resources, conceived by the commander Hugo Chávez and launched by President Nicolás Maduro, resisted the attacks of the executive order signed by Donald Trump and the imperial powers that tried to thwart the emergence of El Petro.

“They tried to frustrate this initiative in all ways since President Nicolás Maduro announced it last year. The president of the most powerful country in the world, Donald Trump, signed an executive order chasing those who used El Petro while other instances of world power pointed to it as a perverse element that the dictatorship was going to launch into the world”, he said.

In this sense, Arreaza said that the launch and acquisition of El Petro seeks to counteract the unilateral and coercive sanctions that imperial powers have imposed on Venezuela.

“To release from the stirtjacket of the sanctions, El Petro has been born, and as President Nicolás Maduro said, this is the time for the economic recovery of Venezuela and we will do it with our tools”, said the Minister.

Also, the FM announced that governments and States of the world have requested information about the Venezuelan cryptoactive which will allow to establish commercial and diplomatic relations with other nations in order to unite the multipolar world.

For its part, the Superintendent of Cryptoactives, Joselit Ramírez, said that the Caribbean nation is moving from the digital era to the era of cryptoactive, which positions Venezuela as one of the countries that managed to create a legitimate and own currency.

Ramírez, indicated that the process of selling the cryptoactives has had the verification and participation of delegations from other countries such as China and Russia.


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