Venezuela denounces international sabotage in food of the people

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has issued a statement in which it rejects the harmful operations of international law orchestrated by the Government of Mexico.

With this new sabotage attempt, the international right seeks to affect the food of the Venezuelan people.

In this regard, Venezuela warned that the Lima Cartel in its campaign of unilateral, arbitrary and illegal actions against the Caribbean country, has reached the level of unacceptably pressing Mexican companies, with the purpose of endorsing the hoax of supposed humanitarian crisis to continue the record of infamies against our democracy and our Homeland.

In Mexican territory, the outgoing government of Enrique Peña Nieto, has initiated an atypical procedure, which goes against a group of Mexican entrepreneurs dedicated to food marketing, linked to the legal task of exporting these items to Venezuela.

It should be noted that these food products are intended to supplement the provision of the country, forming a powerful protection for the Venezuelan people, who receive a subsidy close to 100%, thanks to the food that is delivered directly to their homes through the Local Committees. of Supply and Production (CLAP).

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