Another 100 Venezuelans returned to the country on the sixth flight of the Plan Vuelta a la Patria from Ecuador

This Friday a total of 100 Venezuelans from the Republic of Ecuador returned to the country, after requesting the voluntary repatriation and incorporation to the Plan Vuelta a la Patria, which is being carried out by the Bolivarian Government in order to help Venezuelans who have been humiliated, discriminated and exposed in other countries of the region.

Among the compatriots, 32 were girls, boys and adolescents between the ages of 0 and 17; 41 women and 27 men. There were also 13 health cases, 2 in wheelchairs and 2 senior citizens with Alzheimer.

The process proceeded with total normality at the Gran Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito, where the nationals showed themselves with excellent spirit and semblance in anticipation of a reunion with their homeland, family and friends. However, some changed their faces to remember the regrettable experiences that they had to face without any kind of contemplation.

That was the case of Marcos Luisama, a criminal lawyer, who migrated with the illusion of finding a “supposed economic stability” in Ecuador.

“It was a disappointing experience for my wife and me. We were exploited, humiliated, we suffered abuse, we were paid badly, we fought not to die of cold and hunger, it was a complete odyssey. I greatly appreciate the initiative of President Nicolás Maduro, for allowing us to return to our homeland, I hope to return the gesture by working for the State” exclaimed Luisama.

On the other hand Claudia Machillandra, wife and mother of a girl of months, did not endure the xenophobic treatment of the Ecuadorians and decided to return to the country before her husband.

“You can not get a job, also the treatment to venezuelans is derogatory, I miss my people and my country, I could not take it anymore, my husband will return in December”, she added.

Migration synonymous with depression

Loneliness and depression also become protagonists during migration.

Carlos Loaiza, a young man from Merida coming from El Vigía, said he suffered from depression and recommended not making the decision to migrate lightly.

“Being alone is very hard, being without a family is a complete hell, do not leave Venezuela, like my country there are not two”, he said.

Xenophobia and labor shortage

But without a doubt, the most discouraging story was that of a young couple, who lived in a street situation, Vicente Gasset tells us:

“My girlfriend and I have been to 3 countries; Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. We have lived in our flesh the xenophobic rudeness of these three cultures, we lived in the street and they even threatened us with death. Thank you President Maduro”, he exclaimed through tears.

With this flight, 8031 venezuelans have been repatriated through the Plan Vuelta a la Patria, an initiative that has served as an airlift to counteract the migration situation that the country is facing, driven by a media campaign that promotes a supposed humanitarian crisis.

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