Venezuela and Sudan evaluate mining production projects

On Monday, the People’s Power Minister  for Ecological Mining Development, Víctor Cano, held a working meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Sudan, Eltayeb Abdulgassim, with the objective of presenting the mining potential of venezuelan soil.

Minister Víctor Cano said that Venezuela will take advantage of the country’s extensive experience in gold exploration, exploitation and processing to boost the diversification of the national economy.

“Our country seeks to strengthen its relations with allied countries to fight against the international economic blockade to which we are subject. Sudan is the second gold producing country in Africa, with 105 tons per year”, he said.

For his part, Ambassador Eltayeb Abdulgassin said that it is a commitment of both countries to consolidate a business relationship as strong and close as they have maintained in the political sphere.

“We want to work together, we have very successful mining projects that are friendly to the environment, and we want to share all our experience. We recognize Venezuela’s mining potential and see it as an opportunity to get out of the economic crisis”, he said.

Sudan, overcame attacks and financial blockades of imperial powers for 20 years, thanks to strategic alliances with allied countries that allowed it to diversify its economy, now Sudan is placed at the disposal of the Bolivarian people and Government to provide the maximum support that allows it to overcome the current situation.

At the meeting, both delegations agreed to keep communication to schedule visits to the two countries, as well as evaluate the educational, technological and social agreements.


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