Alfred de Zayas denounces that his human rights report was dismissed for not attacking Venezuela

The correspondent of the multinational television station Telesur, Madelein García, interviewed Alfred de Zayas, an independent expert from the United Nations (UN), who traveled to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in November 2017, to verify the human rights situation denounced by national and international opposition.

“It is incredible how the human rights industry begged Venezuela to invite UN rapporteurs, and when it did it was no longer interested in the report or recommendations. If he had sung his song, he would be on the front page of The New York Times, Washington Post, etc.”, de Zayas said.

He also stressed that he was subjected to a personal siege and that he was asked not to continue with his work, because he was not the “relevant” rapporteur to take the case.

De Zayas explained that “Venezuela is besieged and they use the pretext of human rights to overthrow Nicolás Maduro without realizing that by using human rights they destroy human dignity and the concept itself.”

In this framework, the independent expert of the UN, said that the political use of human rights against Venezuela was seen more when the guarimbas were elevated to the International Criminal Court (ICC). He stressed that “there are at least 50 Heads of State who would have to respond to The Hague more than Nicolás Maduro.”

De Zayas, who was able to see directly to the phenomena of hoarding medicines and food, as a result of the blockade and economic war, said that “in Venezuela there is no humanitarian crisis, there is an economic crisis due to the economic sanctions imposed, and that violates the human rights of the venezuelan population”.

According to the independent expert of the UN, the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization, is the one who must condemn the sanctions and the economic blockade against Venezuela as it has done with Cuba. Similarly, he recalled that the government of the United States and other countries are violating the human rights of venezuelans by limiting the conduct of transactions, the purchase of food and medicines.


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