Mision Milagro re-launches cooperation mechanisms in the Caribbean and Central America with Petrocaribe

As part of the regional integration efforts established in the energy agreement created by Commanders Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro, the Mision Milagro began last weekend a deployment in Suriname and El Salvador, on the occasion of the start of the diagnostic days for patients with Cataract and Pterygium pathologies, whose surgeries would be scheduled to begin on October 22 in El Salvador and on October 29 in Suriname.

The governments of both countries, committed to serve their people with fewer resources and indigenous communities difficult to access due to their geographical location, have collaborated with the mobilization of the medical missions for the realization of these workshops that provide more than a hope, a concrete reality for the inhabitants of these regions whose ophthalmological care will generate an exponential improvement in their life quality.

In Suriname, Mision Milagro has treated patients in indigenous communities located on the border with Guyana despite its remote access, which includes long fluvial, mountainous and air crossings such as Kabalebo, Apoera and Boskamp. In turn, in El Salvador, the workshops have been carried out in the San Rafael National Hospital, exceeding the expectations of patients, who recieved the hospital’s call, which enhances the work of the venezuelan medical mission as well as the salvadoran one.

The strengthening of regional integration through cooperation mechanisms such as Petrocaribe does not only guarantee the energy security of its member countries, but also the social impulse to improve the life quality that our fraternal peoples deserve.


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