Government of Venezuela proposes to establish commercial ties with Colombia

“I am willing to reactivate the fuel service stations located on the frontier with Colombia to sell gasoline at an international preferential price”, informed the Venezuelan head of State and Government, Nicolás Maduro Moros, during the meeting of the Colombian movement for peace, in Caracas.

The President said that he is concerned about the situation that affects the people of Colombia on the border, as it also affects Venezuela.

“May the government of Colombia designates an envoy and I appoint a representative for Venezuela, so we discuss the gasoline matter”, he said.

President Maduro also called on colombian businessmen from the productive sectors to establish negotiation ties and build a large economic region between both countries.

“With the Economic Recovery Plan, we are ready to buy all the food production of all the producers on the border, I offer them a secure relationship like we had in the past”, added the President.

The dignitary also assured that the stateless oligarchy attack Venezuela because they know that with the Economic Growth and Prosperity Recovery Program, the country is re-emerging and stabilizing from the economic war.

“We are not afraid nor dependent on them, we are ready to face our problems and build a social system, with a self-sustaining economy with the power of the humble people”, he concluded.

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