Venezuela and China close XVI High Level Mixed Commission

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and the Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China, Wang Yi, closed this friday in Beijing, the Sixteenth Meeting of the China-Venezuela High Level Joint Commission (CMAN), an intergovernmental meeting that allowed to upgrade the strategic alliance between both nations.

From the headquarters of the National Development and Reform Commission of the Asian country, the parties signed a total of 28 bilateral cooperation agreements in financial, energy, education, agriculture, culture, aerospace, health, science and technology, among other areas.

In this context, President Nicolás Maduro summarized the progress of the relationship between both nations, and ratified Venezuela’s willingness to continue along with China the path of shared development and joint investments through joint business.

“We are moving forward in the process of joint oil production for the shared benefit, we are moving forward in new partnerships in the gas field, which is very important because we are going into a new era of the development of energy relations, we are making progress in the field of mining”, said the venezuelan leader in his speech.

Simultaneously, he stressed that the agreements signed are aligned with the Economic Recovery, Growth and Prosperity Program that came into effect in the South American country on August 20.

“The Mixed Commission and the China-Venezuela relationship are in perfect harmony with the needs of our homelands”, added president Maduro.

meanwhile, The Chinese foreign minister, agreed with the venezuelan head of state on the need to continue working together in the face of complex international circumstances.

“We are willing to work together with venezuelan friends, to work together in a single force, deepen cooperation, strengthen exchanges and increase friendship between the two countries”, he said.

The Chinese diplomat suggested to take advantage of the Strip and Route Initiative to expand spaces and optimize cooperation models.

The CMAN is a meeting place that allows to evaluate the achievements made every year in the framework of the bilateral relationship, from which more than 570 specific cooperation projects are displayed, exceeding an investment of 62 billion dollars, and development on different areas of work for mutual benefit.

On this occasion, President Maduro is accompanied by the People’s Power for Foreign Relations Minister, Jorge Arreaza, the People’s Power for Petroleum, Manuel Quevedo, and the People’s Power for Finance and Economy Minister, Simón Zerpa, among other members of the ministerial cabinet.

Venezuela and China established diplomatic relations more than 40 years ago; However, the geopolitical vision and determination of Commander Hugo Chávez advocated it’s evolution towards a comprehensive strategic partnership.



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