Venezuelans ask the Embassy in Peru to be repatriated to the country

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Lima received on Tuesday a new group of Venezuelans who have decided to voluntarily accept the Plan Back to the Motherland, a program promoted by President Nicolás Maduro with the aim of facilitating the return to the country of the nationals that are abroad.

After settling in the adjacencies of the diplomatic headquarters, the group of people was attended by the minister counselor and head of the mission in Peru, Reinaldo Segovia.

“On behalf of the constitutional president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, of his Government, of Chancellor Jorge Arreaza, and of the members of this mission, we give you the warmest welcome to this, your house”, the diplomat said during the meeting, which allowed turning the instructions regarding the repatriation process towards Venezuela.

Most of these people have declared themselves to be victims of xenophobia, discrimination and labor abuse in the Andean nation.

Apart from this situation, the nationals have expressed their expectations about the economic program implemented by the national Executive since August 20, from which they aspire to work jointly with the Venezuelan State.

On Monday night, President Nicolás Maduro announced the activation of an airlift to facilitate the return of Venezuelan migrants to the country.

“I have ordered an airlift to support all Venezuelans who want to return to the Fatherland, here we are waiting with open arms, here we are with enough strength to extend our hand,” said the president from the Miraflores Palace, after meeting with the economic team to evaluate the progress of the economic plan.

On August 28, a total of 89 Venezuelans returned to the Bolivarian Republic from the Republic of Peru. Since then, several groups of people have returned to the country from Brazil, while others continue to express their desire to return to the nation from Ecuador and Argentina.


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