Bolivarian Diplomacy analyzes scenario of intervention in Venezuela and situation of migrants

An in-depth analysis of the international media campaign against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the twisted situation of Venezuelan migrants was made on Monday in the Bolivarian Diplomacy program, led by the Vice Minister of International Communication of the Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs, William Castillo, through the National Radio of Venezuela signal and the social networks of the Foreign Ministry.

In this context, the construction of a scenario of the US intervention in Venezuela was denounced as well as the will to concretize this process imminently, which previous maneuvers have been aimed to promote a situation of commotion in the country, leading it to a so-called political “Regime change”.

“If you read the latest movements of these months you will find that they are surrounding Venezuela in every possible way: from the communications level, the military, the economic and the diplomatic”, warned the sociologist Marco Teruggi, interviewed -via telephone- in the program.

The analyst explained that the construction of this scenario is related to objective and subjective conditions; “That is, to convince world public opinion that an intervention in Venezuela is necessary and justify it, to make people ask for help to the people of Venezuela.”

He recalled, in this regard, that similar matrices have been created in countries such as Libya and Syria.

The sociologist also argued that the construction of this scenario takes place amid the marked differences between the opposition leadership and the US interests that press for “regaining power in Venezuela.”

“The US can try a military intervention in Venezuela, maybe they know when they are going to get in but not when they are going to leave,” he said.

Manipulation of migrants numbers

Regarding the situation of migrants, which he considers a new phenomenon in the country, the lawyer and human rights activist, Cristóbal Cornieles, said – citing figures from United Nations organizations – that the migratory flow of Venezuela fluctuates between 5 and 10% of the population.

In this sense, he dismissed the media campaign that suggests a massive exodus of Venezuelans.

“The idea of ​​fattening the migration figures is political, and those who mainly do it are organizations of Venezuelans abroad,” he revealed.

The lawyer contrasted, in this area, the recognition that the Venezuelan State has traditionally made to immigrants with the xenophobic treatment, including, that has received the compatriots in some countries of the region, including Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

A fundamental aspect that the lawyer urges to elucidate around the case, is to differentiate between migrants and refugees.

“States that are unaware of human rights in a public way of migrants, are ignoring international treaties (…) We must define well who are migrants and who are refugees. They are making believe that the Venezuelan migrants are refugees, “he said.

The specialist recommended to the diplomatic missions of Venezuela to undertake an information campaign that will elucidate the conditions to which would expose the nationals who decide to cross the borders of the nation.


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