Venezuela rejects xenophobia as a policy against migrants

During the meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Group (Grulac), the ambassador to the UN in Geneva Switzerland, Jorge Valero, questioned the sudden interest of several speakers in the international concert on the immigration situation in Venezuela, just to obey a political lobby against the Bolivarian nation.

Valero remarked that it is necessary to speak truthfully and not manipulate some isolated facts, “we know that millions of people from Latin America and the Caribbean have sought better living conditions abroad, and during the prolonged armed conflicts, looking for better opportunities in life, in the United States, Europe and countries of our Region, but it is striking that in any meeting of the Grulac-IOM, these particular situations of countries have been brought by the IOM, “he said.

The Ambassador also pointed out that in recent years the world has witnessed the resurgence of anachronistic, xenophobic and discriminatory policies and practices against migrants from developing countries and affirmed that this fact has not been taken into account as a point to discuss in any session because it would affect the great capitals.

Valero, during his dissertation, said that Venezuela is deeply concerned about the consequences of this kind of policies and practices that the world is carrying out, particulary in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, and noted that “the implementation of discriminatory xenophobic policies and practices in countries of our Region is growing”, meanwhile, he affirmed that the Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace will not allow that kind of policies to continue to be applied.

“We categorically reject the recent demonstrations of racism and xenophobia against migrants anywhere in the world, occurring in some countries, human rights, including the human right to migration are universal and must be recognized without distinction of race, color, sex, language, religion and political opinion “, concluded the Ambassador.

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