Joint appeal to the UN in favor of lifting the measures against Venezuela - MPPRE

Joint appeal to the UN in favor of lifting the measures against Venezuela

We, the undersigned civil society organizations, social and popular movements, jointly call in favor of requesting the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet and the UN Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures (UCM) in the enjoyment of human rights Alena Douhan, to formally request the Government of the United States (USA) to unconditionally lift the unilateral coercive measures that it has been developing against the country.

Since 2014, the United States Government has been applying a large number of unilateral coercive measures against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which arbitrarily and unilaterally produce legal effects and international responsibility on the part of those who apply them, and constitute a crime of against humanity, since they hinder access to goods and services necessary for the social development of the Venezuelan people, in addition to violating international law and the principle of self-determination of the people.

In recent years, the United States regime and the European Union have increased their attacks against Venezuela, compromising the response capabilities of the Venezuelan State to the difficulties arising from the global health emergency represented by the COVID-19 virus, making it difficult to state institutions any initiative to buy the required vaccines, preventing access to their own resources deposited in international private banks.

The main objective of the US financial blockade has been to deny or prevent Venezuela from accessing medicines, food, fuel, services, essential infrastructure, etc, in order to provoke a health crisis.

Financially blocking a country constitutes a Crime Against Humanity according to the definition given by the Rome Statute, in its article 7. Recently, President Joe Biden has indicated that he reserves the sanctions of the era of his predecessor, Donald Trump, as an option to keep the Venezuelan government at the negotiating table.

Such conditioning is illegal, illegitimate, immoral, and criminal, since it has been sufficiently evidenced by the agencies and rapporteurs of the United Nations that such unilateral coercive measures «constitute a violation of international law», denying the sovereign equality of the States, constituting an intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela. In this sense, Resolution 2625 of the UN General Assembly –of October 24, 1970– reaffirms the sovereign equality of States, the self-determination of peoples and the obligation of every State not to intervene in matters that are outside its internal jurisdiction, establishing that:

… No State may apply or encourage the use of economic, political or any other measures to coerce another State, in order to subordinate the exercise of its sovereign rights and obtain the advantages of any other. Every State has the inalienable right to choose its political, economic, social and cultural system without interference in any way by any other State.

In sum, the application of the UCM has implied a de facto blockade against Venezuela, which violates the obligations contracted by the countries that impose them in terms of human rights, and which has been aimed at attacking the Venezuelan economy to increase pressure on the country, making it difficult for the Venezuelan State to carry out its international responsibilities in matters of social rights, in particular the policies of food, health, life, education, and development -aggravated by the context of the COVID-19 pandemic-, and that as an effect of the blockade, the State’s income is reduced by 99% and the country currently lives with 1% of its income.

Finally, we point out that, in the Report prepared by the Rapporteur during her visit to Venezuela, the senior official reminded all parties their obligation, under the Charter of the United Nations, to observe the principles and norms of international law, including the principles of sovereign equality, political independence, non-intervention in the internal affairs of States, and peaceful settlement of international disputes.

The Special Rapporteur urges them to resolve any dispute through judicial institutions and other competent international institutions. Those in favor of this appeal sign below:


  1. Sures
  2. Venezuelan Jurists Association
  3. Human rights Venezuelan Network
  4. Fundalatin
  5. Simón Bolívar Institute for Peace and Solidarity among the Peoples. Venezuela
  6. Blind Network. Venezuela
  7. Breaking the Norm. Venezuela
  8. Itinerant Citizen Participation Forum. Venezuela
  9. Settlers Movement. Venezuela
  10. Evangelical Christian Movement for Venezuela, MOCEV. Venezuela
  11. Women Movement Manuelita Saenz, MOMUMAS. Venezuela
  12. National Federation for the Defense of Human Rights. Fenaddeh. Venezuela
  13. National Network of Communers of Venezuela, RNC.
  14. Spearhead Social Battle Movement. Venezuela
  15. Feminist Network Spider Collectives. Venezuela
  16. Venezuelan Foundation for the Right to Housing
  17. Popular Coordinator of Caracas William Mantilla. Venezuela
  18. Embassy of Human Rights Foundation
  19. Bicentennial Front of Women 200. Venezuela
  20. The Amazons Collective. Venezuela
  21. Platform of Peasant Struggle. Venezuela
  22. Communers Union. Venezuela
  23. Bolívar and Zamora Revolutionary Current. Venezuela
  24. Women for Life Movement. Venezuela
  25. Insurgent Bonds Colective. Venezuela
  26. Skirts R. Venezuela
  27. Tatuy Communitarian TV. Venezuela
  28. Alba TV Network. Venezuela
  29. Tinta Violeta Colective. Venezuela
  30. Movement October 27. Venezuela
  31. South Bridge Internationalist Movement
  32. Radio Cacique Sorocaima communication team. Venezuela
  33. “Juan Ramón Lugo” Afro-Venezuelan Movement.
  34. Carlos Escarrá Malavé Foundation. Venezuela
  35. National Movement of Friendship and Mutual Solidarity Venezuela Cuba
  36. Arivacoa Movement / Commune Winners of Carorita. Venezuela
  37. Afro-Venezuelan Women Summit. Venezuela
  38. ANMCLA National Association of community, free and alternative media. Venezuela
  39. The 5th Wave. Venezuela
  40. Foundation of victims of the peasant hitmen. Venezuela
  41. MFP Lydda Franco Farías. Venezuela
  42. Trade Union of Workers of the National Assembly SINOLAN. Venezuela
  43. A.C. Kinyivi Tere DDHH. Venezuela
  44. MUGER Feminist Collective of Carabobo. Venezuela
  45. Movement for Peace and Life. Venezuela
  46. ​​Caracas Insurgent Collective
  47. Francisco de Miranda Front. Venezuela
  48. A diferent thing Movement. Venezuela
  49. Movement of Social Scientists Simón Bolívar MOCIENSO. Venezuela
  50. Social Movement Guardians of Tenants and Small Owners. Venezuela
  51. ALBA continental shelf Movements
  52. Collective of psychologists for socialism. Venezuela
  53. Our American Psychology Network. Venezuela
  54. Foundation Center for Psychosocial Research. Venezuela
  55. Bolivarian Sports Foundation. Venezuela
  56. Collective of Afro-Colombian Women in Venezuela «María Barilla»
  57. Latin American Secretariat for Housing and Popular Habitat
  58. Human Rights San Óscar Romero, Argentina
  59. House of Argentine-Cuban friendship Lanús. Argentina
  60. House of the Worker Agustín Tosco. Argentina
  61. International Solidarity Group Big Homeland
  62. Federation of Self-managed Cooperatives MOI. Argentina
  63. Azucena Villaflor de Monte Chingolo Cultural Center. Argentina
  64. Secretariat of Migrant and Refugee Workers of the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP). Argentina
  65. Workers Headquarter of the Independent Argentina.
  66. Argentine Transversal Front
  67. Federal Commitment Group. Between rivers. Argentina
  68. OSPLAD Workers Union. Argentina
  69. Federation of Land and Housing of Argentina. FTV. Argentina.
  70. Central of the Workers of Argentina Province of Buenos Aires. Argentina
  71. Committee of Latin American Solidarity of Mendoza. Argentina
  72. Fundalatin. Argentina Chapter
  73. Shirtless Peronist Current. Argentina
  74. La Guemes Popular Group. Argentina
  75. Collective Chavismo Sur. Argentina
  76. Our Aamerica Popular Movement Great Homeland Front Argentina
  77. Anabaptist Mennonite Church of Buenos Aires. Argentina
  78. Ecumenical Movement for Human Rights. Argentina
  79. Second Independence Call. Argentina
  80. Argentine Association of Jurists. Argentina
  81. Bolivarian Association of Journalists. Argentina
  82. Fray Francisco De Vitoria O.P. A.C. Human Rights Center. Mexico
  83. Committee of Solidarity with Venezuela Xalapa Veracruz. Mexico
  84. Regina Martínez De Xalapa Veracruz Collective. Mexico
  85. Young people in the face of the National Emergency. Mexico
  86. Committee 68 Pro Democratic Freedoms. Mexico
  87. Front of Peoples in Defense of the Land Attenco. Mexico
  88. CLETA Unam. Mexico.
  89. Tierraíz-Agroecología, from Mexico City. Mexico.
  90. Neighbors in Defense of Texcoco, from the State of Mexico, Mexico.
  91. Popular Socialist Party of Mexico
  92. Youth for Socialism. Mexico
  93. Communist Movement. Mexico
  94. Feminists 4T-Mexico
  95. New Country Movement. Mexico
  96. Popular Front Francisco Villa-Mexico
  97. Mexican Coordinator of Solidarity with Venezuela
  98. United Mexican Organization
  99. Network of Resistance and Rebellion Tlalpan, CDMX
  100. Popular Front Francisco Villa. Mexico
  101. Metropolitan Compass. Mexico
  102. University Committee in defense of the Cuban Revolution. Mexico
  103. The Independent Proletarian Movement MPI. Mexico
  104. Our America Solidarity Movement. Mexico
  105. Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity. Mexico
  106. Mexican Movement of Solidarity with Cuba. Mexico
  107. Mexican Committee of Solidarity with Bolivia. Mexico
  108. Group of the Front of All of Argentina in Mexico
  109. Committee of the Broad Front of Uruguay in Mexico of the Left
  110. Salvador Allende Association of Chile. Mexico
  111. Collective for Peace in Colombia. Mexico
  112. National Coordinator of workers of the education CNTE-SNTE Section 22 Oaxaca. Mexico.
  113. Early Warning Network (AT-R). Mexico
  114. Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights A.C. (LIMEDDH). Mexico
  115. Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights, A.C. Subsidiary Oaxaca. Mexico
  116. University Network of Human Rights Monitors (RUMODH). Mexico
  117. Human Rights Association of Mexican State (ADHEM). Mexico
  118. Diego Lucero Fundation, A.C. (FDL). Mexico
  119. Permanent Forum of Women Iztacalco, A.C. (FPM-I). Mexico
  120. Federal Executive National and International Council of the Mexican Pro Human Rights Front, A.C. (FMPDH). Mexico
  121. Committee of Family Members of Disappeared People in Mexico, Raising Voices, (COFADDEM). Mexico
  122. Center for the Study of Human Rights and Environmental Justice «YURENI», A.C. (CEPDHJA). Mexico
  123. Actuar Familiares against Torture, (AFT). Mexico
  124. Center for Human Rights “Antonio Esteban”, A.C. (CDHAE). Mexico
  125. Human Rights Base Committee of Chiapas «Digna Ochoa» (CDHBCDO). Mexico
  126. Solidarity Network Decade Against Impunity, A.C. (RSDI). Mexico
  127. Ku’untik Human Rights Center (CDHK). Mexico
  128. Mexican Association of People’s Lawyers (AMAP-Guerrero). Mexico
  129. We Want to Live Neza Neighborhood Assembly (AVNQVN). Mexico
  130. Committee for the Defense of Human Rights «Cholollan» (CDDHC)
  131. Guerrerense Women for Democracy, A.C. (MGD). Mexico
  132. Allied Women for Justice, A.C. (AxJ). Mexico
  133. International Human development, A.C. (DHI). Mexico
  134. Community Zubia Root, A.C. (CRZ). Mexico
  135. Zihuame Xotlametzin, A.C. (ZX). Mexico
  136. Guerrerense Association Against Violence Towards Women, A.C. (AGCVIM, A.C.). Mexico
  137. Women for Dialogue. Mexico.
  138. Our America Solidarity Movement. Mexico
  139. Cleta Political Cultural Organization (OPC Cleta)
  140. Association of Community Organizations of Canendiyu, Paraguay.
  141. Councils of Social and Popular Organizations from Paraguay.
  142. Paraguayan Movement of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution. Paraguay
  143. Hugo Chávez Frías Popular Libraries Network Paraguay
  144. Circle of Anti-Imperialist Women. Paraguay
  145. Communist Party of Labor (PCT). Dominican Republic
  146. Popular Bloc Jesús Adón. Dominican Republic
  147. Force of the Revolution (FR). Dominican Republic
  148. National Commission for Human Rights, Dominican Republic
  149. Afro-Dominican Action, Dominican Republic
  150. Solidarity Agenda, Rebel Movement. Dominican Republic
  151. Dominican Committee for Human Rights. Dominican Republic
  152. Dominican Youth Force (FJD). Dominican Republic
  153. Boschist Force. Dominican Republic
  154. Rebel Movement. Dominican Republic
  155. Citizen Radio. Uruguay
  156. February Frenteamplista 2020. Uruguay
  157. South Contact Radio. Uruguay
  158. Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO). Canada
  159. Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice. Canada
  160. Codepink. USA
  161. Neighbour Unity, eastside chapter of LA
  162. Tenants Union. USA
  163. Socialist Movement of Ghana
  164. Le mouvement national des femmes du RND. Senegal
  165. Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin. Germany
  166. German Communist Party (DKP)
  167. Communist Party. Republic of Azerbaijan
  168. Voices in Struggle. Popular communication. Spain
  169. International Federation of Migrant Resistance in Spain (FIRMES)
  170. House of friendship with Cuba in Badalona. Spain
  171. International Association of Democrat Jurists. Spain
  172. Democratic Movement of Women of Spain. Spain
  173. Multicultural Association Migrants in Action, Alicante. Spain
  174. MAS IPSP Alicante Committee Movement to Socialism – Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples
  175. Murcia Anti-imperialist Committee. Spain
  176. Cercle Bolivarien de Paris. France
  177. Mouvement National Des Femmes Du RND. France
  178. Collective ALBA-TCP. France
  179. Bolivarian Circles Francisco de Miranda. Norway
  180. International legal intervention group of the Research and development center for democracy. Italy
  181. Euskadi-Cuba Association. Basque Country
  182. Cubainformatioln TV. Basque Country
  183. Communist Party. Switzerland
  184. Swiss-Cuban Friendship Association of Zurich. Switzerland
  185. Alba-Switzerland. Switzerland
  186. Communist Party of Australia, CPA
  187. Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, WA Branch.
  188. Australia Solidarity with Latin America ASLA
  189. Mapuche Australia Solidarity
  190. American Association of Jurists (AAJ)
  191. International Alliance of the Inhabitants
  192. Association les Amis du Venezuela
  193. Latin American Federation of Associations of Relatives of Detainees and Disappeared (Fedefam).
  194. Research and Studies Center
  195. Frontiers Lina Arregocés
  196. Force of the Revolution Party
  197. National and International Council of the Popular Communication Conaicop
  198. Bolivarian Society Panamá West-Bolivar
  199. National Union of Sahrawi Women (UNMS)
  200. Mothers of the World Movement for Peace of the Peoples
  201. Movement of Solidarity, Articulation and International Integration (FIPCA)
  202. European Lawyers Association for the Democracy and Human Rights in the World (ELDH)
  203. Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET)
  204. Chile Solidarity Campaign
  205. Colombia Demands Justice Campaign
  206. European Network of Solidarity with Venezuela
  207. International Federation of Democrat Women. FDIM
  208. May Day Committee-Melbourne
  209. Spirit of Eureka (Australia)
  210. ILPS-Australia
  211. Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (VSC)
  212. Australian Unions for Western Sahara
  213. Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network (AVSN)
  214. Philippines Australia Solidarity Association (PASS)
  215. Federation of Jordanian Women (RMA)
  216. Cultural Group «Naksh»
  217. National Campaign «Voice of the workers»
  218. University Student Block «Attajdeed Al-Arab»
  219. Jordanian Popular Democratic Unity Party.
  220. Youth of the Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party
  221. Jordanian Communist Party
  222. Jordanian Democratic People’s Party.
  223. Al Ba’ath Arab Socialist Party.
  224. Al Ba’ath Arab Progressive Party.
  225. National Party for Direct Democracy
  226. Nasserist Arab Democratic Grouping from Jordan
  227. Venezuelan Jordanian Association.
  228. Jordan Arab Forum
  229. Forum of Socialist Thought.
  230. Group of Graduated Professionals from Russia.
  231. Support network for the Bolivarian Revolution Jordan Chapter (RAR Jordan)
  232. Jordanian Philosophers Association.

Individual persons

  1. Lilia Vera. Venezuela
  2. Laura Antillano. Writer. Venezuela
  3. Mario Sanoja. Venezuela
  4. Erika Ortega Sanoja, Journalist. Venezuela
  5. Gregorio Leopoldo Sánchez Salamé, Doctor. Venezuela
  6. María Egilda Castellano Agreda. Venezuela
  7. Helena Salcedo Poleo. Journalist. Venezuela
  8. Orietta Caponi. Venezuela
  9. Moisés García. National Coordinator of the Christian Evangelic Movimiento for Venezuela, MOCEV.
  10. Elena Gil. Venezuela
  11. Elías Arrechider. Venezuela
  12. Mario Gil Rodríguez Martínez. Venezuela
  13. Noel Márquez Muñoz. President of MADERA Grupo Fundación. Venezuela
  14. Ignacio Barreto. Venezuela
  15. Gregorio Ramón Ortega Campos, Public Accountant. Venezuela
  16. Víctor Raúl Castillo. Venezuela
  17. Mauricio Rodríguez Gelfenstein, Journalist. Venezuela
  18. Lilian Margarita Montero Rodríguez. Venezuela
  19. Diógenes Díaz. International Spokeperson of the Afrovenezuelan Movement «Juan Ramón Lugo». Venezuela
  20. Ignacio Ramírez Romero. Lawyer and Human Rights defender. Venezuela
  21. Gladys Manrique Díaz. Social fighter. Venezuela
  22. Sergio Rodríguez Gelfenstein. Political scientist. Venezuela
  23. Fanny Riera Meléndez. Venezuela
  24. Andrés Aguilar-Pérez. Poet and Writer. Venezuela
  25. Alcira Ferrer. Venezuela
  26. Wilmer Barrientos. Venezuela
  27. Rubén González. Lawyer. Venezuela
  28. María Antonieta Izaguirre. Psychologist. Teacher at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV)
  29. Edgardo Antonio Ramírez. Venezuela
  30. William Gudiño, Venezuela
  31. Holger Ortiz. Teacher at the Central University of Venezuela
  32. Alma Alvarado. Venezuela
  33. Elena Gil. Venezuela
  34. Juan Miguel Díaz Ferrer. Venezuela
  35. Jesús Armando Guzmán. Venezuela
  36. Franklin Alberto Williams Thompson. Venezuela
  37. Roberto Robles Iniestra. Venezuela
  38. Carlos Ruiz. Venezuela
  39. Luz Marina Ferrans
  40. Daniel Caneda
  41. Gregoriah Kharrillo
  42. Jesús Manzanilla. Venezuela
  43. Yelitza John Rangel. University Teacher. Venezuela
  44. Robinson Hernández. Venezuela
  45. Omaira Henchoz
  46. Samuel Morales Chavarría
  47. José Juan Bermúdez. Venezuela
  48. Heriberto Martínez Martínez. Venezuela
  49. Rosalinda Chanagá. Venezuela
  50. José Manuel Rodríguez R. Venezuela
  51. Duverly Osorio. Venezuela
  52. Jon Lezama
  53. leda Vanega. Colombia
  54. Óscar Rodríguez Pérez. University Teacherf, writer, editor of the Blog The Druid’s Shelter. Venezuela
  55. Nancy Matilde Barragán. Chief of the Negra Hipólita Community. Venezuela
  56. Carlos Burgos. Venezuela
  57. Alí Ramón Rojas Olaya. Writer and University Teacher. Venezuela
  58. Candelaria Alfonso. Researcher at the UCV. Venezuela
  59. Aleydys «La Chiche» Manaure. Popular teacher and coultist. Venezuela
  60. Eleonora Moreno Férgusson. Journalist and Investigator. Venezuela
  61. Irina Marigot Molina Añez. Sociologist. Venezuela
  62. Norka Milano. Retired Teacher of LUZ and ex directive of APUZ. Venezuela
  63. Manuel Aníbal Molina Blanchard. Retired Teacher of the University of Zulia. Venezuela
  64. Rubén Darío Mendieta Díaz. Venezuela
  65. Raignild Orta. Women Moviement Manuelita Sáenz MOMUMAS attached to the FDIM.
  66. Reinaldo Iturriza. Sociologist. Venezuela
  67. Beatriz Hidalgo. Venezuela
  68. Daniel Ruggiero. Investigator of Security of the Nation. Venezuela
  69. Carmen Vallarino-Bracho. Network of Women against Discrimination and Violence. Venezuela.
  70. Bianca Javier. Venezuela
  71. Nélida Dayana Zarraga Adames. Venezuela
  72. Flor Elisa Pérez Cristancho. Venezuela
  73. Fernando Ernesto Rivero Osuna. Venezuela
  74. Mireya Otero Silva, Social Fighter. Venezuela.
  75. Jorge Cantor. Venezuela
  76. Lenin Orejuela. Venezuela
  77. Josefa Yajaira Machado Molina. Venezuela
  78. Jorge Pedroza. Venezuela
  79. Hernán Alejandro Garboza Almeida. Teacher at the Experimental National University Simón Rodríguez UNESR. Venezuela
  80. Gabriela Rosas Iracabal. University Teacher. Venezuela
  81. José J. Rodes. Venezuela
  82. Victoriano Martin. Venezuela
  83. Migdáleder Mazuera. Venezuela
  84. Gloria Inés Ramírez Ríos. Venezuela
  85. Ernesto Jiménez Olin. Venezuela
  86. Rodolfo Barona Soriano. Venezuela
  87. Pedro J. Lucena
  88. Juan José Bermúdez
  89. Miriam Tovar Parra. Venezuela
  90. María Helena León de Hurtado. Teacher. Venezuela
  91. Omar Hurtado Rayugsen. Profesor. Venezuela
  92. Gabriel Jiménez Emán. National Prize of Literature of Venezuela 2019
  93. Jeannette Palavecino. Journalist. Venezuela
  94. Jorge Alemán. Venezuela
  95. Virginia Martínez Gómez
  96. Juan Martínez. Venezuela
  97. Andrés Bolaños. Venezuela
  98. Vicente Otta Rivera.
  99. Konrath José Moreno Figueroa. Lawyer. Venezuela
  100. Pedro Martínez Díaz. Venezuela
  101. Lilia M. Ferrer Morillo. Writer / Afro-activist. Venezuela
  102. Magda Moyano
  103. Geno Martínez
  104. Alexis Fagúndez. Venezuela.
  105. Ramón Juvenal Muñoz. Venezuela
  106. Marta Doudiers. Songwriter. Venezuela
  107. Sonia Boueiri Bassil. Teacher at the Andean University and researcher CLACSO. Venezuela
  108. Francisco Ramón Morillo Fermín. Venezuela
  109. Emma Ramírez Linares. Gender Defendor. Venezuela
  110. Williams Mujica Gómez. Venezuela
  111. Alexander Torres Iriarte. Historian. Venezuela
  112. Ingrid Carolina Carmona Araujo. Venezuela
  113. Régulo Delgado. Venezuela
  114. Juliana Marino. Venezuela
  115. Anabel Díaz Aché, University Teacher. Venezuela
  116. Xavier Sarabia Mariche. Teacher of the Caracas Insurgent Training System. Venezuela
  117. Sandra Moreno. University Teacher. Venezuela
  118. Vianney Hernández. Teacher. Venezuela
  119. Francisco Tovar, Communicator. Venezuela
  120. María Eugenia Piñero. University Teacher. Venezuela
  121. William Capó. Venezuela
  122. Astery Painvain. Venezuela
  123. Litbell Díaz Aché. Venezuela
  124. Alejandrina Reyes. Rector of the Simón Rodríguez National Experimental University. Venezuela
  125. Heber Orozco. Venezuela
  126. Elio Miguel Hernández Amaro. Venezuela
  127. Carlos Casanueva. Venezuela
  128. Carlos Tovar. Venezuela
  129. Konrath José Moreno Figueroa, Lawyer. Venezuela
  130. Gabriela Barradas. Venezuela
  131. Job Azuaje Parra. Venezuela
  132. Ana Isabel Betancourth. Venezuela
  133. Yolanda Herrera de Soruco, President of the House of Revolutionary Friendship Venezuela-Bolivia. Venezuela
  134. Laura Soruco Herrera, member of the House of Revolutionary Friendship Venezuela-Bolivia, Venezuela.
  135. Leudis Parra. Social Fighter. Venezuela
  136. Luis Delgado Arria. Poet, researcher and teacher. Venezuela
  137. Flavia Riggione. Venezuela
  138. Manuel Carrero Murillo, Historian and Coordinator of the Insurgent History Chair «Federico Brito Figueroa» del Centro Nacional de Historia. Venezuela.
  139. Rafael Valero Teacher of the Mission Culture Foundation. Venezuela
  140. José del Carmen Millán Z. Deputy of the National Assembly. Venezuela
  141. David Morales Cabrera. Social Activist for Peace. Venezuela
  142. Daniela Gamboa. Venezuela
  143. José Alfredo Ureña. Venezuela
  144. Elbano Sánchez. Venezuela
  145. Rosarito Acevedo. Venezuela
  146. Ricardo Ortiz. Venezuela
  147. Héctor Baiz. Venezuela
  148. Celia Medina. Venezuela
  149. Elsa Pérez. Venezuela
  150. Mabel Meza. Venezuela
  151. Milagros C. Arzolay Jaramillo. Legislator of the Legislative Council of the Bolivarian State of Nueva Esparta. Venezuela
  152. Penélope Alsina, Coordinator of the Women Free Chair «María León» of the Simón Rodríguez National Experimental University. Venezuela
  153. Imarú González. Venezuela
  154. Hermes Rodríguez Rodríguez. Venezuela
  155. Rosa Amelia Hernández Cabello. Venezuela
  156. Ángela María Rojas Sira. Venezuela.
  157. Juan Federico Morales Pérez. Venezuela
  158. Digna América Luna Villegas, Bolivarian Force of Women of Lara state. Venezuela
  159. Elizabeth Blaney. Tenant Unions. Venezuela
  160. José Núñez. Venezuela
  161. Isidro Torres. Venezuela
  162. Mario Isea Bohorquez. Venezuela
  163. José Díaz. Administrator. Venezuela
  164. Carlos Lazo. Venezuela
  165. Dolores Solá. Venezuela
  166. José Edgar Ardila Fontecha. Venezuela
  167. Julio Toro. Venezuela
  168. Douglas Guevara. Venezuela
  169. José Manuel Rodríguez R. Writer and columnist. Venezuela
  170. Luz Nery Pérez Lawyer: National Socialist Lawyers Movement. Venezuela
  171. Orlando Montilla. President of Sinstrainass. Venezuela
  172. Mría Delia Ferrer Panza. Simón Bolívar Movement of Social Scientists. Venezuela
  173. Eve Corvo, lawyer, Teacher and university researcher of the UC. Venezuela
  174. Ricardo Molina, Deputy of the National Assembly. Venezuela
  175. Alexi Orta, Deputy of the National Assembly. Venezuela
  176. Julio Borromé. Venezuela
  177. Elía Oliveros Espinoza. Teacher and researcher of the UNESR. Venezuela
  178. Raignild Orta. Women’s Movement Manuelita Sáenz MOMUMAS. Venezuela
  179. Dalia Correa Guía, Spokesperson of the University Front Columba Rivas. Venezuela.
  180. Atilio Borón. Political scientist. Argentina
  181. Adolfo Pérez Esquivel. Nobel Peace Prize. Argentina
  182. Nilda Garré. Ex Defense Minister. Argentina
  183. Juan Falú. Argentina
  184. Diana Conti. National Commissioner for the Prevention of Torture. President of the PP Party. Argentina
  185. Ricardo Peidro, General Secretary CTA. Argentina
  186. José Ernesto Schulman. President of the Argentine League for Human Rights. Argentina
  187. María Cristina -Marita- Perceval. National Senator 2001-2009 and Ambassador to the UN 2012-2015. Member of the IP. Argentina
  188. Alicia Castro. Nacional Deputy (MC) former ambassador to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and to the United Kingdom. Argentina
  189. Paula Klachko. Degree in Sociology UBA. Dr. In History UNLP. Prof. UNDAV-UNPAZ. Coord. chap. Argentina REDH (Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity). Argentina
  190. Telma Luzzani, periodista. Argentina

453. Héctor Bernardo – periodista. Argentina

454. Rita Cortese. Argentina

455. Silvano Villagra. Argentina

456. Conrado Yasenza, Periodista y Docente.

Director de la revista digital de Cultura y

Política La Tecl@ Eñe. Argentina

457. Virginia King. Defensora de Derechos

Humanos. Argentina

458. Alicia Martínez. Argentina

459. Cristina Banegas. Argentina

460. Ana Valentino. Secretaria de Política Internacional del Movimiento Octubres.

461. Roberto Pianelli. Secretario General del

Sindicato del Metro (AGTSyP). Mesa

Nacional CTA T. Argentina

462. Dayana López Villalobos, Comunicadora

Social (Argentina/Venezuela)

463. Nanci Parrilli. Senadora m/c por la Provincia

de Neuquén. Argentina

464. Juan Pablo Olsson. Sociólogo, coordinador en

América Latina de la Internacional Progresista.


465. Alejandro Mosquera. Director Ejecutivo del

Instituto de Estudios y Formación para la

Igualdad (IEFI) Argentina

466. Mónica Millán, Argentina.

467. Marcia Ortiz. Diputada Nacional MC.


468. Liliana Mazure. Diputada Nacional MC.


469. Larrea, Juan Antonio. Diputado (mc). San Luis.


470. Enny Pulgar. Lic. en Administración. Argentina

471. Haide Giri. Senadora Nacional m.c. Argentina

472. Jorge Elbaum. Sociólogo, Periodista, integrante

de REDH. Capitulo Argentina

473. Alejandro Rusconi – Movimiento Evita.


474. Gustavo Daniel Pescetta. Comunicador.


475. Claudio Katz Economista, UBA. Argentina

476. Araceli Ferreyra. Responsable Nacional Frente

Mujeres Evita. Argentina