Fermín Toro Jiménez, revolutionary and father of Venezuelan International Law, dies - MPPRE

Fermín Toro Jiménez, revolutionary and father of Venezuelan International Law, dies

The physical departure this September 8 of the ambassador and university professor, Fermín Toro Jiménez, leaves a great void in the field of International Law, in which he is considered as the father of this discipline in the country, taking his revolutionary militancy into account, as a constant in his actions in politics throughout his life.

The diplomat and teacher was born on October 26, 1933. He was a doctor of law, passionate defender of national sovereignty and the thesis of jurisdictional immunity of States, co-editor of the international chapter of the 1999 Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Editor of several texts on Public International Law and international organizations.

His extensive career in public and academic positions began in 1958-1959, when he served as Counselor in the Venezuelan Delegation to the United Nations (UN) in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1959 he began teaching as a tenured professor at the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV).

Years later, between 1994-1999, he was director of the Pedro Gual Institute of Higher Diplomatic Studies.

In the stage of the Bolivarian Revolution, Ambassador Toro Jiménez served as Legal Consultant to the Presidency of the Republic, in the years 2002-2003; Director of International Presidential Relations and State Agent for Human Rights before the International System, in the period 2003-2004, and Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the UN, New York, United States, in 2004-2006.

At the academic level, he also extended his training vocation to the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV), where he remained as a full professor at the School of Political Studies from 2007 until his physical departure.

Professor Fermín Toro Jiménez always acted on the basis of his upright revolutionary principles, committed himself to the just struggles of the peoples.