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Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza: ‘U.S. government violates UN Charter’

Referring to the Preamble and Articles 1 and 2 of the Charter of the United Nations about preserving peace and international security, Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza proved on Thursday, May 14, that the United States «throughout its history as an imperialist government, especially in the last decades, has done nothing but violate the Charter, not every day, but every hour.» At the 8th virtual forum of the Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (JPSUV), themed «Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace as a response to imperial aggressions,» the Venezuelan foreign minister asserted that the UN Charter «is the people’s tool to protect ourselves» and that the United States flagrantly violated it, even though it is a signatory country. It was endorsed in San Francisco, and its headquarters are in New York. As an example of the US imperialism’s violation of peace, Arreaza mentioned the recent attempted armed invasion against Venezuela, where US mercenaries were apprehended, as well as President Donald Trump’s claims that they do not rule out a military intervention against the South American country. «We adhere to international laws and the bodies of the United Nations. While the United States violates this Charter, we increasingly hold on to it.» Therefore, said Arreaza, our Permanent Representative to the UN Samuel Moncada presented a written complaint before the Security Council about the recent terrorist incursion, so that it be adopted as an issue by this body. At the virtual forum hosted by Venezuela’s Youth and Sports Minister Pedro Infante, Foreign Minister Arreaza also referred to the contract signed by lawmaker Juan Guaido, his advisers JJ Rendon and Sergio Vergara, and Jordan Goudreau, owner of US mercenary firm Silvercorp USA, that gave way to the failed sea invasion against Venezuela. The Venezuelan foreign minister explained that the contract’s terms include the destruction of Venezuela’s sovereignty to handed it over to the United States through an occupation army, with the participation of the Venezuelan bourgeoise. «The famous contract is an abomination.  The Carmona decree that abolished Venezuela’s public authorities is nothing compared to this contract, which provides for a US private occupation force to take control of Venezuela with a fake government headed by Juan Guaido, but it would really be headed by the US Department of State. They could do whatever they wanted, including militarily targeting every person who thought differently. Everybody could be killed with total impunity,» explained Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza. During his intervention, Arreaza also addressed the COVID-19 pandemic and the strategy implemented by the Bolivarian Government to contain it, congratulated the role played by the World Health Organization, and asserted that this global sanitary crisis brought the neoliberal capitalist model face to face with the socialist model, affirming that results favor the latter, which gives prevalence to humans and life over markets and capital. «Coronavirus is a big threat, but it is also an opportunity to rethink production relations, human relations to coexist, and relations of cooperation among states and people,» he reflected as he asserted that the Venezuelan people has shown «an important resilience» in the face of the coronavirus sanitary situation.