Chinese Specialist Huang Mao: 'Life takes precedence over the mercantilist system' - MPPRE

Chinese Specialist Huang Mao: ‘Life takes precedence over the mercantilist system’

«In China, life is more important than economic development,» said Huang Mao, chief of the medical specialists from the People’s Republic of China that arrived in Venezuelan last Monday as part of the China-Venezuela cooperation to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
In the midst of this pandemic striking over 155 countries, some state policies are aimed at saving economic corporations instead of citizens in countries like the United States, Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia, where this disease has caused a high number of people infected and deaths. Today, more than 1 million people have been infected across the world, being now the United States the pandemic’s epicenter. The situation in the Republic of Ecuador has also worsened. There, the exponential curve has skyrocketed and the Latin American country records today more than 3,160 cases and more than 110 deaths. These countries underestimated the rapid spread of coronavirus and did not implemented strict measures of social distancing to stop the propagation. Scientists from the Columbia University, located in Upper Manhattan, New York, recently published a report explaining that the sanitary measures implemented by the Trump’s administration are not effective.
«We’re looking at something that’s catastrophic on a level that we have not seen for an infectious disease since 1918 (…) And it’s requiring sacrifices we haven’t seen since World War II. There are going to be enormous disruptions. There’s no easy way out,» said Jeffrey Shaman, a professor of environmental health sciences at Columbia and the leader of the research team.
In the meantime, Venezuela announced social and economic measures to face the sanitary crisis, including a social, collective quarantine, the extension of a workplace stability decree to December 31 to protect workers, and the suspension of all commercial and residential rent payments for 6 months. China’s experience indicates that isolation is the most effective measure to contain the spread; therefore, it has extoled the preventative measures against COVID-19 adopted in Venezuela. Presidential Press Office