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Russia condemns US destabilizing maneuvers against Venezuela

Russia condemned the continued attempts of the United States (US) government to destabilize the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in economic and political terms. The position of the Eurasian nation is reaffirmed this Thursday by the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, María Zajárova, while warning that “the coercive and illegal actions of the US, with the so-called sanctions, against Venezuela are expanding and the situation has worsened economic and humanitarian situation in the country”, says Telesur. The Russian official regretted that the US do not give up their idea of ​​changing the legitimate and constitutional government of the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro. However, she considered that the National Dialogue Table convened by the Government of President Maduro with the opposition sectors, is seen as a possible solution to the Venezuelan situation. «The situation is still complicated, but there is hope that a political solution is found, thanks to the national dialogue table», Zajárova said.