Chilean Communist Party affirms that Trump's Executive Order constitutes a serious danger to the peace of the region - MPPRE

Chilean Communist Party affirms that Trump’s Executive Order constitutes a serious danger to the peace of the region

The Chilean Communist Party categorically rejects and denounces the Executive Order signed this week by Donald Trump, President of the United States, aimed at formalizing and intensifying on a new scale the economic, commercial and financial blockade that was already under development against the Venezuelan population. In a public statement outlined in its portal, the political organization refers to the fact that such actions constitute anti-democratic acts, at odds with the basic principles of the Human Rights Charter, promulgated by the United Nations Organization, add to the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people, they show an unacceptable action of foreign intervention that is in opposition to international law, they constitute a serious danger to peace and a threat to the countries of the region that seek to demarcate from the imperial designs issued by Washington. «We add our voice to that of all democratic sectors, regardless of their political, ideological or religious identities, to categorically reject this act of barbarism and support the sovereign right of the Venezuelan people to define their own destiny, through the dialogue sponsored by Norway and other nations», emphasizes the statement.