Visit of Michelle Bachelet culminates establishing agreements with the Government - MPPRE

Visit of Michelle Bachelet culminates establishing agreements with the Government

This Friday, at night, the High Commissioner of the United Nations Organization for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, ended her official visit to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, after having fulfilled a broad agenda of work, from the past June 19. On her arrival at Simón Bolívar International Airport, in Maiquetía, the High Commissioner thanked the invitation made by the Head of State, Nicolás Maduro, as well as his cooperation and commitment with the Office, including the tour of his technical team last March. She also offered a summary of what was her «short, crucial and intense visit» in Venezuela, where she not only held talks with different authorities of the Venezuelan State -of different levels-, but also with different political and civil sectors of the Venezuelan opposition. In this regard, she commented about the commitments made between the National Government and the Office. «We have reached an agreement with the government for a small team of two human rights officers to remain here, with the mandate to provide technical assistance and advice and, very importantly, continue to monitor the human rights situation in Venezuela», she said. Likewise, she highlighted the commitment expressed by the National Government to carry out an evaluation of the National Commission for the Prevention of Torture and the main obstacles to access to justice. She added that the Executive will give broader access to the different human rights mechanisms, including the independent experts of the United Nations, known as special rapporteurs. On the economic situation of the country, the Representative of the United Nations expressed her concern and urged the State to give her a solution with the support of the United Nations. «I am concerned that the sanctions imposed this year by the United States on oil exports and the gold trade are exacerbating and aggravating the already existing economic situation», she said. In a different order of ideas, the High Commissioner also stated that differences can only be resolved through the meaningful, frank and inclusive participation of various actors of society -in reference to the dialogues facilitated by Norway- between the National Government and the Venezuelan opposition. «I have appealed to all political leaders to participate constructively with the dialogue facilitated by Norway and with any other effort to try to face the current political situation in Venezuela», said the United Nations Representative. In that same order of ideas, she called for bold steps towards a commitment to put aside short-term gains and focus on medium and long-term achievements for the entire country. «The negotiations can bear fruit only if they are inclusive and if the parties involved respond to the real urgency of the situation», the High Commissioner said. She ended her speech by noting that the presence of the Office will make it possible to work with state institutions, civil society and the United Nations system. Visita de Michelle Bachelet culmina estableciendo acuerdos con el Gobierno